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Monday, April 04, 2005


In answer to my own questions

Now my hangover has cleared, and since the naughty people seem to have swanned off on holiday so there haven’t been many trouble spots to hit. Managed to cover my entire beat three times today – trade was very slack. So have been pondering the following whilst pounding my particular beat on a very quiet Sunday late shift.

Q: Is there a better way of handling stressors so any subsequent crisis of confidence is not so dramatic?

A: Yes: Don’t take it all so seriously.

Q: Should I care so much about keeping the roads clear when the General Dyslexic couldn’t care less?

A: Someone has to give a damn – Might as well be me. For the moment.

Q: Why sit still and take it all the time?

Need to develop a slightly sharper attitude, not so ‘Yes sir – no sir’ when the person you call ‘Sir’ isn’t fit to lick a beggars boots. Think of them sitting on the toilet wearing a comic relief nose. Don’t forget to keep a straight face.

Q: What the living hell am I doing in this damn silly job?

A: You need the money me old mate. Bills to pay etc.

Q: Is it time to get back into the private sector again?

A: Yes: Time to get the CV tuned and back out there. You’re not playing your championship game hiding in the cellar me old son.


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