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Friday, March 25, 2005


Bank holiday bunkum

“But it’s a bank holiday!” Wailed motorist upon finding parking ticket on windscreen. Er excuse me, since when have parking restrictions not operated on bank holidays? Did they think that we didn’t work on bank holidays? One resident even told me they had an ‘arrangement’ on a particular patch of single yellow lines on a bank holiday. If it don’t say so on the restriction plate, it ain’t so.

Where do people get these weird and wonderful ideas from?

In the mess room at lunchtime it was like listening to old time fighter aces talk tactics. About approaching the malefactor from ‘Up sun’ and angles of approach to suspect vehicles. About people sleeping in their cars who refused to wake up when approached (No we aren’t supposed to shout at them or knock loudly on the side window. Apart from sticking the ticket on the windscreen we aren’t allowed to touch the offending vehicle at all.). Daft beggars. Today we used terms like ‘fish in a barrel’ and began complaining of Writers Cramp. I bet the dawn patrol will catch at least three vehicles in which people are having sex tomorrow. A couple of lunchtime drinkers who gave our guys abuse found real Police waiting for them on their way home, breathalysers in hand. Heh, heh, heh. Evil snigger.

Just what is it about Bank Holidays that reduces the average punter to a short-sighted idiot? Hi ho. More of the same tomorrow.


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