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Thursday, March 31, 2005


School dinners – the new political football

Is there anything politicians won’t do for votes? TV chef Jamie Oliver gets a bee in his bonnet about the low nutritional value of school dinners and all of a sudden he’s ‘Been in consultation for months with a member of the cabinet’. Oh yeah? Which cabinet is this, then? The kitchen cabinet? Mayhap the Welsh Dresser? Perchance he’s been talking to the fridge again (Don’t we all)? Like anybody believes that the politicians can change kids’ eating habits when their parents have tried and failed.

What tools will the politicians employ to bring about this dietary miracle? Fixed penalty notices for pupils not eating enough of their cabbage and sprouts? Fines for schools whose pupils do not consume their target of green salads within each term? Consumption diet plan forms for the Dinner Ladies to be completed under penalty of being smothered in Chicken Fricassee flambé if they don’t meet their ‘targets’?

I have something very simple and succinct to say to all the various political parties on this subject: STOP INTERFERING! Stop trying to regulate and manage every detail of everyone’s life. Try getting one of your own. Let people grow up or kill themselves by eating, drinking or other means. The human race is populous enough without trying to preserve every single life. Let the dummies edit their own DNA from the human race. Trust me, this is the best way. It’s a pretty well used process called evolution, which will be working long after we’re all fossil remains – quit trying to buck the ecosystem.


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