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Friday, April 01, 2005


No it bloody doesn’t

Britain backs Browns Tax rises? Yes, and I’ve got a thriving colony of fairies at the bottom of my garden.

This is my opt out statement. I personally object to having my tax money squandered and then being squeezed for more by this arsehole of a chancellor. Life’s tough enough as it is without having every fart subject to VAT. I now have no pension due to his raiding of private pension funds. Price rises due to his stealth taxes have reduced thousands like me to utter penury. Impressed? Like hell.

As for all the codswallop about it being to ‘Save the NHS’ – er excuse me, so why have deaths from MRSA (Amongst other causes) risen? Why do Doctors and Nurses need so many Administrators and Managers? No excuses, they’ve had almost eight years – this government have got to go while we’ve all got some money of our own left.

For all those who think that the State is the best mechanism for good deeds – What planet are you on? The State is the absolute worst mechanism for this purpose because it is so wasteful and inefficient. By the time your ‘Save the NHS’ tax snatch gets to the hospitals where the money is needed, the amount is a pale shadow of its original glory. Why? More tax inspectors needed to collect all the new taxes. More Auditors and assorted administrators and bean counters to pay out of the public purse – Over six million employees in the public sector. No wonder industry is collapsing – no country or enterprise can afford such a grotesquely distorted economic imbalance.

Consumer credit is the only real bolster for the British Economy at present. The housing boom that fuels consumer credit is already stuttering. When the crunch comes – Say hello to the IMF guys.

I know I currently work in the public sector, but at least my part of it is self-funding. Too much of our GDP has been thrown down the black hole of new labour incompetence. Anyone who can’t see that needs glasses – but if new labour get in again you might not be able to afford the lenses.
Pass me another bottle of my home brewed Elderflower.


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