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Saturday, April 02, 2005



Interesting isn’t it? The way you can see the stresses building up if you examine a persons behaviour. Take yesterdays little outburst. In a job like mine, taking unjustified crap every day of the week is a high stress occupation. Even more so when the rules state that you are not under any circumstances allowed to bite back. Police Officers can arrest people who give them grief. Not so we Parking Enforcement Officers. We have to be able to take it up the chuff and still come up smiling. Not the easiest task in the world.

Before, when the heebies took hold and the price of petrol was lower I’d go out for a long drive with the window wound down and fresh air blowing the weeks detritus out of my head. No particular destination, just the open road and an early morning. Maybe end up in the Welsh Hills, Peak District, Norfolk, Shropshire, the Cotswolds or The Downs. Now of course that is economically unfeasible, as are a number of other little pleasures that once took the edge off the aggro.

Notwithstanding, what I wrote is still true, but on reflection I might have taken the time and energy to marshal my thoughts a little more intelligibly (And with less pejorative language) before pounding the keyboard. The home brew only helped exacerbate matters. My goodness, that stuff certainly shuts down the synapses. Alcohol may not be the answer, but the cold light of day certainly brings new and occasionally interesting questions such as;

Is there a better way of handling these stressors so any subsequent crisis of confidence is not so dramatic?

Why should I care so much about keeping the roads clear when the general dyslexic couldn’t care less?

Why sit still and take it all the time?

What the living hell am I doing in this damn silly job?

Is it time to get back into the private sector again?

Answers will be forthcoming shortly after my hangover clears.


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