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Sunday, March 27, 2005


An unforgivable lapse

I’m stunned. I actually lost my temper today. Ford Escort on bus stop blocking buses and passengers. I booked car and handed ticket to irate passenger sitting in front passenger seat. It’s been a trying Sunday and by that time this afternoon I’d had quite enough.

“You could have told us to move on, you sod!” She snapped.
“You should not be here in the first place.” I retorted. I’m used to being sworn at, but I don’t have to like it. At this point, the driver returned and is mightily pissed off that I have booked her car.
“Why didn’t you let us move on you fucking bastard!” She shouted at point blank range, right in my face. At this point my self-control slipped a cog. I’m just fed up of these idle sods that think they can do what the hell they like.
“You are not allowed to park here! You are not allowed to even stop here! Read your damn highway code!” I barked back at her. “Failing that, sell your bloody car and rip up your licence until you can learn the bloody rules!” I then turned my back and stormed off, more angry at my loss of control than at stupid driver while they stood back, amazed at a public servant having the nerve to bite back. Out of the corner of my eye I see bus driver applauding. Escort drives off, passenger throwing shredded ticket at me as they pass. Oh good, there goes their 50% discount – Driver will get stung for the full amount of the penalty charge notice.

If they have the nuts to report my lapse to my boss on Tuesday, I’m buggered. A written warning will go on my otherwise unblemished employment record. Very unprofessional of me. I hang my head in shame.

Look on the bright side; I’ve already written up my side of events, putting my hands up to the lapse in my usual high standards. Better on this occasion to kiss the rod than try to dodge the issue. Worst that will happen now is Senior Management demand that I apologise – which I will do for getting angry and swearing, but not for nicking them. That ticket will stick. Serve the idle sods right.


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