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Monday, March 28, 2005


More Bank Holiday madness

Glad I’ve got a four-day rest slot starting on Wednesday – I am utterly shagged. I’ve booked so many damn silly car drivers today that my wrist actually aches. My feet hurt, and as I sit at my computer typing, they are resting in my wife’s foot spa, which I have to keep on pushing the dog away from. He seems to think it’s some kind of novelty drinking bowl. Still, at least he’s brighter than some of the humans I run across in my day to day.

The Stepkids have gone off to their Dads for the week, so the house is quiet, too damn quiet actually. During this time I plan to spend my time doing sweet bugger all apart from the odd spot of gardening and drinking beer on my home laid patio, weather permitting. Although the weather forecast doesn’t look so wonderful. Maybe I’ll let myself get wound up by the political news and have a rant, probably not.



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