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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Very well thank you

Booked a Porsche 911 this afternoon, bang to rights on a taxi rank. Driver grimaces as I pass over ticket, then looks me square in the eye and says. “How do you sleep at night?” I look back at him, trying not to burst out laughing and reply. “Very well thank you sir.”
“No, I mean how do you sleep at night doing what you do?”
“Fine thanks sir. I’m doing a useful job keeping the taxi ranks clear so people who need want a taxi can get one off the rank.” I reply, a little disingenuously. Driver finally looks in rear view mirror to see three taxis queuing behind him with obviously disgruntled cabbies on board. “Ah.”
I give him a meaningful look. “Yes sir.”

At this he drives off and I get a couple of thumbs up from the irate cabbies, even if I did book one of them for being naughty last week. They don’t like idle flash gits who can’t be bothered to walk a hundred or so yards either.

Thinking about it, his was a nonsense question. My conscience on this score is as clear as crystal. If you ask me, the question should be turned round and sent, nemesis like, winging in the opposite direction. I say, how do the people we catch sleep at night knowing they’ve blocked others from making an honest living; maybe impeded traffic which has slowed an Ambulance getting severely injured people to hospital, or a Fire crew to a fire, Police to a robbery, or (More mundanely) a plumber to a serious burst pipe? Let me illustrate; a selfish driver blocks a taxi rank. Taxis back up into street. Traffic slows, has difficulty getting past, street gets blocked; this creates a cascade effect that can and does reach out for miles at peak times. I clear taxi ranks, bus stops and double yellows. I sleep extremely well thank you.


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