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Friday, February 04, 2005


Shooting people can be fun - Oh yes it can

Shooting people can be fun. Said a US Lieutenant General. I agree. There are sooo many deserving candidates out there. I am compiling a list, including;

The three cowardly sods who attacked one of our guys today. I can't work out why. He wasn't even trying to book their car. One minute he's checking out one of our on street parking meters, the next his hat is in the street and he's being kicked at. Fortunately there was one of our rare local beat coppers who pulled his pepper spray and scattered the assailants. Tony was okay, but we were bloody angry about it happening at all.

Why? Tony is one of the sweetest blokes you would care to meet. He's kind to little old ladies and girls only have to bat their eyelids at him to make the poor lad blush. He hasn't got a mean bone in his body. I know he's a Traffic Warden and enforces the parking restrictions by handing out parking tickets but what gives three guys the right to gang up on him like that? Fortunately he didn't suffer any injury apart from lightly bruised pride and a slightly downtrodden hat.

Tony spent the rest of today filling out forms. Incident report forms. Crime report forms. Commentary forms and his pocket note book. At tea break he was complaining that the writers cramp hurt worse than the bruises he got during the attack. CCTV caught the tail end of the incident and I think at the time of writing "Arrests are imminent". More on this as and when the news breaks. Tony's last complaint as I finished my shift was the pain in his right wrist was ruining his love life - We were all single once.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What gives them the right? Nothing does. What it indicates is another matter. What other asocial behaviour do these scum get up to? God & the local cops know. IMO one problem these days is that far too many people just don't comprehend the way the legal system works. Their simple little minds seem to think that Traffic Wardens do what they do for themselves, following rules made up by themselves, instead of enforcing laws enacted by an elected government on behalf of the people. If they don't like the laws, then write to their MP or stand for Parliament themselves. But that's all far too complicated for their simple little minds. Trouble is, even if they're caught - are they really going to get suitable punishment? A few hours community service - yea right.

Friday, February 04, 2005 10:16:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thursday, February 19, 2009 8:20:00 am  

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