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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Something of interest

Our Management must be quietly sweating over a legal decision by a Mr Robin De Crittenden of Worcester, England, where he managed to get NPAS (the National Parking Adjudication Service) to overturn his fine on the basis that a fine cannot be levied without due process in a court of law, at least according to the 1689 bill of rights. Should the next stage of the process, a judicial review uphold this decision, it not only means that all us Parking Enforcement Officers may be out of a job, it may also mean that all those Management types who have been them bane of our working lives will be right behind us in the Jobcentre queue.

Mr Robin De Crittenden has already lodged an application for a Judicial Review of the 1991 Road Traffic Act in the high court. As one politician was heard to comment back in the 1990’s about an extension of pub licensing hours on Sundays. “It wasn’t conspiracy – it was cock up.” I think it was Malcolm Rifkind or Michael Howard who made this statement. However, the same statement applies.

Some people are of the opinion that the 1689 Bill of Rights is a dead letter, but the law will need to be changed in order for this to be so; and this may be a long and tedious process. Rather like the business with the Taxi Ranks, which hasn’t been sorted yet, and may take some time unless the 1991 act is invalidated by this legal challenge.

More work for the lawyers.

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