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Thursday, December 15, 2005


In the public eye

I got contacted by one of the denizens of the Ministry of Truth the other day via e-mail inviting me to talk on a 5 Live Radio show. At the time I told them I was busy and hadn’t the time to do any phone interviews. Upon reflection and subsequent conversation with Mrs Sticker, I think I made the correct decision.

The conversation mostly went like this;
“Hey, you’ll never believe this, just read this e-mail, love.” I gushed.
“Wow. Bill, I told you that you could write well enough for them to take an interest.” At first my beloved seemed impressed, but then a shadow passed across her face. “I don’t think this is a good idea.” She said.
“I’ve already told them no, anyway.” I responded.
“Good. You need that job.”
“I know, I know. I can’t afford to blow my cover, we’ve talked about this before, remember?”
“Just so you shouldn’t let it go to your head.” She counselled.
“Yes love. I know that.” I got the message.
“You know what Bill, I think someone’s a bit curious about you. They’re digging. That’s how Watergate happened if you remember.” Was my darling wife teasing me by tweaking my paranoia, or simply voicing her own?
“Well I’m not so sure about that.” I hedged. I hate it when she does this to me. I like clear cut courses of action so that I can do the male ‘get on with it’ strategy. All this uncertainty bugs the hell out of me. “I’ve done all I can to cover my tracks. False remote e-mail mailbox. I’m never on line more than two or three minutes at a time. They’d have to get though about four layers of security and break the misuse of computers act into the bargain, as well as piss off Google.” I looked at her helplessly. “I don’t see what else I can do short of stopping the blog.”
“I’m only saying Bill. Just be careful, that’s all.”
“I will sleep tonight, honestly love.” I say, half serious.
“Come to bed.”
“Yes dear. Ow!” She knows when I take the mickey.
“Don’t take the piss, Mister Sticker.”
“Ye – okay. I’ll settle the dog down and I’ll be right up.”

End of conversation; I’m still concerned. Dave Copperfield of Coppers Blog almost got ‘outed’ shortly after giving a phone interview to a Radio programme. Since I have financial obligations which would be decimated by any exposure and damaged beyond repair should I put my anonymity at risk now or in the near future. I’m not responding to the call of the Mainstream Media. I have plans that I’m sticking to. The copyright lawyers can deal with the rest.

Just a note for any visiting Journalists. If you want me to answer questions I’ll do it. Simply send your questions in writing via e-mail to billsticker at gmail dot com. No phone calls, no logging on to your
forums, no personal appearances. I need my job and I actually like it as well.


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