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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I’d like to thank…

Tim Worstall who sent me an E-mail recently about an up and coming feature in The Independent newspaper, allegedly for Monday 19th December. Seems this blog has been rated as one of the top 12 of work related blogs in the UK and will, along with the other 11, be featured in the aforementioned daily publication.

Well thank you Tim for thinking so and putting my blog forward. I am never less than constantly astounded that people actually like reading my inane babble. Well written, possibly, but for me it’s my own place to vent my spleen at the general vacuity and stupidity of the world as I see it.

Speaking of which; no one in our hierarchy has told me that there is some sort of ‘amnesty’ for parking in contravention of the highway code, but today I have kept on coming across people who almost demand to be let off some atrocious parking offences with the excuse “But it’s Christmas!” Sorry chaps, but it isn’t Christmas yet and if you persist in parking where you shouldn’t – you’ll be booked. If we were to follow the same line of logic perhaps the Police should let off the next burglar to ransack your house “Because it’s Christmas.” Perhaps a light ticking off for the violent drunk who punches your spouse in the face “Because it’s Christmas.” Oh, think of the festive fun we could have letting all the anti social elements get away with it.

As an officer of the Civil side of the law, my answer is no. The restrictions have been put there to let other people have a crack at that parking place, keep the bus stops clear so the buses don’t end up blocking the streets and so boost everyone else’s blood pressure into low earth orbit. So if you find one of our little missives perched saucily on your windscreen; take it with good grace, and if necessary challenge it using the proper procedure. Failing that cough up promptly to get the discount and remember that the restrictions don’t stop being legal just “Because it’s Christmas.”

I thank you.


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