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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Bad dream

I am a machine; my colleagues are machines. We function as clockwork toys at the whim of our mighty masters. Every hour of every day we must do duty. We are part of the great collective. We are assimilated. We have no minds; our bodies are programmed to serve the Masters. I walk and test machine. Walk to next street, read tickets, do duty, issue Penalty Charge Notices. My Masters command it so. My Masters track my every movement with their Computers. The RFID tags in our computers are for our Health And Safety. My Masters will know where I am at every second of every day. My Masters control my every waking thought, my every waking movement. They Know What Is Best.

Arrgh! Nightmare! That was a bad one! In the words of Kid Curry from the title sequence of 70’s TV show Alias Smith & Jones.
Kid Curry. “One thing we gotta get Heyes!”
Hannibal Heyes. “What’s that?”
Kid Curry. ”Outta this business!”


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