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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Parking on the Pavements

Now I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but; some of you really make it easy to give out parking tickets. Let me explain. When you see a road marking such as double yellow lines you know that means no parking at any time. You have three minutes to set down and pick up passengers so long as the driver does not leave the vehicle. Delivery vehicles get a bit longer. Disabled drivers with blue badges may park for up to three hours unless there is a loading restriction denoted by signs and / or single or double kerb markings. In which case even they get booked.

What some of you don’t seem to appreciate is that the parking restrictions cover the footway or pavement (For transatlantic readers - Sidewalk) from the edge of the property (Property line) next to the road out to the centre of the carriageway. I had a bonanza day with the general dyslexic yesterday blocking the footway, one of whom challenged me, saying, “I’m not on double yellows – you can’t nick me!”
“Yes you are sir.” I responded. “If I may enlighten you.”
“I’m not on the double yellows!” He frantically repeated this mantra – like that was going to do him any good.
“The restriction runs from the white line in the centre of the road to the edge of that house there sir.” I pointed out, wondering how this guy passed his driving test. I pulled out my already dog-eared copy of the new edition highway code and pointed out the restriction rules to him. Driver still did not believe it. “That’s not right. You’ve got the old edition.”
“This is the new edition sir.” I said in a world-weary tone of voice, pointing out the date on the back. “You show me a newer one and I’ll speak to my office.”
“I’ve got it at home.” He bullshits then stomps off. Yeah right. I believe that like I believe Tony Blairs’ election promises. He’ll learn. They all do eventually. It’s just the word ‘eventually’ that gets so depressing.


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