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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Why Judo does not work on Elephants

I’m having a serious attack of weirdness today. Nothing that I can rationally describe, it just seems like I’ve been walking round with cosmic egg on my face. Nothing worth blogging about, just little stuff going wrong or right when it is most inconvenient.

To cap it all, I checked my webstats as I usually do, and as well as ranking high up in ‘Parking Attendant”, “Walking the Streets” and other related searches from various search engines, this blog also got visited via these search strings.
Why Judo does not work on Elephants
lost property in london streets
were did they get the name j walking?

Incidentally; Judo only works on Elephants if you can get a two finger grip twist-lock on its trunk. Get it wrong and you lose your arm and life in that order (Elephants are not noted for their forbearance when being assaulted.). Not that this is likely to happen as I’ve yet to see an Elephant that can get onto a dojo, let alone perform Kata’s.

Secondly; I’m a lot happier now that the House of Lords has stuck a very large spanner in the Governments ID card scheme. How many more reports categorically stating that it would be prohibitively expensive does it take before the current Government wakes up and realises that computers and centralisation are not a panacea?

See these reports from;
Zdnet News
The Scotsman

Lastly: welcome to some belated new additions to the sidebar.
Blues and Two’s
Cough the lot
Bow Street Runner
Show the guys some respect.


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