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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Spoiled brat syndrome

Well I never! Someone has actually come up with a snappy name for what I bitch about all the time. They’ve nailed the moral relativism which leads to the ‘I can do anything I want and you can’t stop me’ style behaviour of the general dyslexic. What I tend to think of as the endemic narcissism prevalent in Britain today.

Looking at the whole raft of behavioural aberrations that derive from this condition, some range from the relatively benign; excessive spending on pointless tackiness. Via eccentricity. For example; ‘Marrying’ a Dolphin. To the positively evil; Child rape / abuse Serial Killing. All because the ‘sufferers’ have little in the way of, or no moral brakes; especially when it comes to their own personal conduct.

It’s all so juvenile.

Definition; ‘Moral Brakes’
To wit; using the concept of voluntary acceptance that something is wrong and harms others to modify ones ‘instinctive’ or visceral reaction. For example; when someone deliberately insults and tries to provoke me, I apply my 'Moral Brakes’ to stop me turning their lights out and thus ‘doing wrong’, because hitting someone hard enough to make them lose consciousness is harmful and pointless. Harmful because there is the risk of causing them permanent damage, and pointless because, to quote the old saw ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’. Especially when you wear a uniform and are responsible for enforcing Civil restrictions. Although I suspend this rule in the case of those doing harm to others in order to prevent worse harm being done. As in the case of handing out a parking ticket, which acts in effect as a ‘moral sanction’ for those whose inconsiderate behaviour often causes inconvenience to many others.
P.S. My own ‘Moral Brakes’ don’t work when a member of my immediate family is threatened or my home is broken into. Funny that. Must be a design fault. I’ll get it seen to – one of these procrastinating days.


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