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Monday, January 09, 2006


Talking ‘bout my jurisdiction

Today I was busy clearing people off the footway alongside a double yellow line. As I was doing so, this smart mouth pulls up alongside me and shouts from his car; “You can’t do that! You don’t have jurisdiction!” To which I replied with a grin; “Oh yes I ca-an.” Then carried on with the task in hand.

There seems to be this school of thought that Local Authority types like me can’t deal with vehicles on a footway / sidewalk. As you will learn, this school of thought is a failing school which will no doubt shortly be put on ‘special measures’ by the Local Education Authority for failing it’s third inspection on the trot.

Right; here’s the full SP; the gospel; the naked truth in all its glory. A parking restriction such as double yellow lines extends all the way from the ‘property line’ to the white line in the middle of the road. This includes the footway / pavement / sidewalk.

If anyone is in any doubt where the ‘property line’ is, it is generally well defined, either by a second kerb, a change in paving materials or a structure such as a low wall. In London, there are some buildings in the city where it is marked by a thin brass strip. Private parking restrictions generally apply between such a strip and the building it borders.

To conclude; if a double or single yellow line is at the edge of the vehicular roadway, this restriction covers the footway as well, right up to the boundary of the private property it borders. This means that if you park there, you can still get booked for the same offence code (01 No waiting, or 02 Loading restricted.) as if you were parked on the lines themselves. In London, they have several offence codes we can’t book on, including ‘Parked on footway’. If you double park we can use the same offence code as well as a couple of others. Is that okay? If not, you can complain to your local Authority Parking office.

To be honest, if someone has parked on the footway, I’ll generally head for them first as they are forcing pedestrians into the flow of traffic where soft fleshy bodies tend to get damaged by vehicular traffic if not fast enough on their feet. As you can well appreciate, we Parking Enforcers do not look favourably upon this practice. Should you however doubt my word and stop where you shouldn’t; the proof of this statement will, as they say in the movies, be coming to a windscreen near you - shortly.


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