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Sunday, January 08, 2006


The road to dictatorship

ID cards have raised their ugly head yet again in the above link. Fines of £2,500 for not having one? Who does it benefit? Terrorists. Who does this hurt? The ordinary people of this country that’s who.

ID cards are a victory for terrorists because this is exactly what terrorism seeks to do to destabilise a free society. They wish our politicians to panic and pass ever more draconian legislation so that finally the native people have to revolt in a violent manner to recover their liberty. Then the terrorist factions, as tiny groups, will make their power play in the resultant anarchy.

Why don’t the politicians of both sides in the UK Parliament understand this simple principle? Because they are panicking, that’s why.

Perhaps we only have ourselves to blame. It has been said that a people only get the government they deserve. Perhaps we, by not being active citizens and not doing more for ourselves and our immediate neighbours are at fault. By not taking responsibility for our own actions. Saying ‘The Government’ should do ‘something’ about it. By not looking after ourselves. By adhering to the ‘Don’t vote – the government will get in anyway’ mindset. We have let this happen.

Maybe the terrorists are right, we the electorate of the UK, have become weakened. Everything has to be ‘fair’ for vociferous minorities – damn the majority. The ‘Nannying’ philosophy currently carries the argument.

On the other hand, maybe the ‘Trendy lefties’ of whatever political party and their ilk underestimate the true strength of the UK electorate. Back in the 1930’s, as my Mother has spoken to me about, another political school of thought derided the western democracies as ‘weak’. Several years and a few million lives later they were ultimately proved wrong.

In light of this historical precedent, should this piece of proposed legislation make it on to the statute books I promise this; I intend to do whatever small acts I can to see that this poisonous piece of legislation cannot be properly enforced. Nothing major, just little obstructive acts like using my Union membership to get an exemption for myself and my colleagues. Go back to base at times ‘inconvenient’ for the enforcing powers. Maybe ignoring ‘powers’ ceded to me as an operative of an increasingly totalitarian state to examine such documents. Maybe ‘inconveniencing’ the vehicles used by those who do get the task of enforcing this ugly set of laws. Small acts of defiance. Nothing more.

Although it may sound like treason, I think that a greater treason will be committed against the electorate by any government that passes such a law. Spare me the ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide argument’ – we all have.

It’s just a pity that statist, pro centralist politicians don’t seem to understand the lessons of history.


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