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Friday, January 13, 2006


Frightening the kiddies

Yesterdays other amusing(?) incident; I’m walking down the street, having passed a very flash looking Mercedes Cabriolet with plenty of time on it’s ticket when I have to sharply side step to allow a little girl literally tugging her mother along, saying “Hurry mummy, hurry.” Her mother seems to find it all fairly amusing and keys the unlock on the Merc.

I’m only a couple of steps past said vehicle when the Mother turns to me and says. “I’m all right for time aren’t I?”
“Yes, madam, of course.” I’m a bit puzzled, her pay and display ticket had a good twenty minutes left before expiry.
“It’s just that my little girl was afraid you were going to book us.” She explains.
“Oh, I see.” Say I, still a bit bemused.
“It’s a bit sad really, when even the children are frightened of you isn’t it?” She gave me a grin. I had to laugh.
“Maybe you ought to tell her the Traffic Warden will come and get her if she’s not a good girl.” I joked back.
“I might.” We parted on a smile.

Phew, didn’t know I’d become the local bogey man. On the other hand, maybe it’ll keep some folk on the straight and narrow.


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