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Monday, January 16, 2006


Who’d be a Copper?

I was reading Dave Copperfields blog today and saw that four officers were being disciplined for calling a repeat offender ‘Pondlife’. I feel sorry for those officers concerned, because not only are the expectations of them too high for mere mortal man, they are spied on by their own people and held to account if they are any less moral than the most strait laced Sunday School Teacher.

Lets face it, if you deal with low life’s, you’re bound to get a little bit dirty yourself. Could Regan and Carter have made ‘The Sweeney’ what it was if they had to fill out a risk assessment every time they booked out a big red key, or gone after some villains on their ‘manor’?

It’s hard to be nice when all you seem to get is abuse. I’m lucky in that I don’t seem to get much of it any more, but I still retain the gallows humour we all need to keep us sane. For example, a complaint by management about a couple of the lads occasionally meeting up where beats cross and spending five minutes exchanging news brought forth my rejoinder. “Don’t worry chaps. They only think you’re having an affair.” Everyone at our level had a damn good laugh at this pitiful sally into the courts of humour. Higher up the ladder, it might have brought forth reprimand. My point being that you have to have some sort of mental defence mechanism as a safety valve or you’ll find yourself relocated into a fun room with bouncy walls. It is unrealistic of anyone to think otherwise.

The lunatics have not only taken over the asylum, but now they’ve turned it into a political football as well, and look what that’s done to education.


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