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Monday, January 23, 2006


De Profundis

Literally, ‘from the depths’. I was having a browse through Bloom’s ‘Tales from the Chalkface’ and read this splendid quotation:
“You only get to positions of power through locking your conscience into a safety deposit box and visiting it as infrequently as possible.”
How very true. In the light of today’s headlines, almost prophetic.

For a little light relief try here. Yes, I know it’s not about parking enforcement, but lets face it, as far as the mainstream press are concerned, Parking Enforcement Officers are always going to be the bad guys.

Back in the land of reality, I shall be working late tonight, but quite frankly I reckon it will be so quiet anyone dropping a pin will get reported as a nuisance neighbour. Me and my oppo's will be looking for somewhere warm with a good vantage point to hole up in.


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