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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Bad Omen?

As many people may be aware, Wales, ahem, sorry I mean a whale has come to central London in the form of a Northern Bottlenose whale. As a number of the dailies have noted, where a whale has previously been sighted in the Thames, it has boded ill for the country, but then again, maybe not.

In 1658, a similar visitor to the Thames presaged the death of Oliver Cromwell and the subsequent demise of the interregnum. Good thing or bad thing? You decide. Prior to that in 1240, another Whale appeared around the time Welsh King Llewelyn ap Fawr died, not to mention the demise of St Edmund of Abingdon.

Then again I suspect that all this omens malarkey is a motley collection of superannuated shoe repairers. Unless of course, someone out there knows better. DEE DAH DAAAAHH!

I’m bored. Time for a glass of vino with Mrs Sticker, a movie and a cuddle.


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