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Saturday, June 04, 2005


I have an answer…..

To all this political correctness stuff. The daily insanities one sees documented on Ken Frost’s “Nanny Knows Best” blog, or “PC Watch

How do we defeat this polluted tide of idiocy on the ocean of life? It’s very simple, just say “No. Thank you. Goodbye.” Or react with a quizzical look and the question. “Do you know how insane that sounds?”, “You are joking aren’t you?” Perchance “And whose brilliant idea was this then?” might wake the PC obsessed half-wit up. Even simply asking “Why?” Half a dozen times should be enough to pop the odd blood vessel or two. Maybe even insinuate that their PC sentiments may be open to accusations of inciting some sort of class or race hatred.

The point I’m making here is that all these unsupported politically correct assertions are clinically barking mad and must be challenged vigorously at every opportunity. Personally, moral coward that I can be, have elected to follow the “Nod and smile” routine. Listen politely, smile, nod, then sod off and carry on as before. It’s probably why one Senior Manager would dearly like to see my husky broad shoulders receding into the far distance, pronto. Fortunately with my Union to protect me, all this Manager can do is chew pencils, get graphite poisoning, high blood pressure or get some other stress related condition, which means they have to take three months sick leave. In which time some sort of sanity should have asserted itself.

This means of defeating PC is rather like the old Slavic folk tale of the condemned prisoner who gets a twelve month stay of execution because he claims he can teach the mad Kings horse to sing within that year. When his fellow condemned prisoners criticised his actions, saying it was pointless, he responded; “A lot can happen in a year. The King may die, I may die; and who knows, the horse may learn to sing.”

All we have to do is say “No.” In the meantime I shall just carry on regardless, walking the streets, doing my job the best way I can, and taking a pay packet home. Who knows? The fashion of Political Correctness may recede or a horse may indeed learn to sing.


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