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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Cancelled Tickets

If anyone were to ask me how I feel about parking tickets that I have issued being cancelled by my office, I will say this; I don’t like it; not one little bit. Just because I’m only a Parking Enforcement Officer doesn’t mean I don’t care about what I do. To the contrary, I put a lot of time and effort into trying to get it right so that I’m sure that every one I issue is ‘bang to rights’.

So it is therefore annoying when my Office cancels one of the tickets I’ve issued, often on some pretty flimsy claims by the offender. Permits that they swear blind were on display in the vehicle but weren’t (And if I don’t see it, believe me – it wasn’t there.) at the time. Pay and Display tickets never purchased (Borrowed off someone leaving the car park who had legitimately purchased a ticket). Falsely claiming that another officer had given them permission to stop where they did (Fortunately, this very rarely gets believed). Occasionally because they claim the restrictions weren’t clear enough (More like they couldn’t be arsed to even look). Even some claims that it was another vehicle entirely even though, as they say, “the collars and cuffs matched”.

All I can do is make sure my evidence gathering is as watertight as possible within the parameters that I get to work within. All seventeen points have to be obtained; including photographs of the vehicles tax, registration and position, or the ticket as issued will blow away on the wind like so much waste paper.

Or did you think being a Parking Enforcement Officer wasn’t hard work?


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