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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Vive le Pays Real!

This little post isn’t about the French ‘Non’ to the EU constitution, or the coming G8 protest, it’s a general comment upon a trend in the thinking of the common (And occasionally uncommon) man (For the purposes of this item the word ‘man‘ is deemed to cover all humans belonging to the genus homo sapiens. Regardless of sex, religion, or skin pigmentation.)

Ever since I can remember, ‘experts’ have been poking their noses out of the self involved little world of academia, advising governments and telling people how to run their lives. Which, some persons have been heard to observe, is why we have some of the social problems prevalent today. Not unsurprisingly, there seems to be a quiet (And occasionally very noisy) little backlash against such ‘experts’ and the politicians who listen to their advice.

The latest piece of ‘expert’ advice is that children need ‘three types of play’ every day. On top of the body of opinion (Based no doubt on Rousseau’s premise of ‘perfect original nature’) that you should not correct your children when they step out of line, this and other, similar nonsense should be binned (Along with the funding for such studies). I’d like to see these ‘experts’ try it on their own children first.

I love the numbers these guys come up with. For example the dogma that everyone must eat ‘five portions’ of fruit and vegetables every day. Three questions; what the blue blazes is a ‘portion’ in terms of weight or measure? What about those brought up on high protein or high carbohydrate diets whose digestive systems have, during their upbringing, adapted to such regimens? Why so exact a figure, does this mean absolutely everybody without exception, regardless of health? Or have the vested interests got such a grip on the fruit and veg market that they need to offload surplus stock, fast?

As for the figure for ‘play’; three types? What are they? How are they defined? Oh and finally, does the child want to do the right kind of ‘play’ when it is told to? Do me a favour, that ain’t play - that’s hard work.

Sounds very much like the Miss Haversham approach to child rearing. “I have a fancy I wish to see children play.” - I hope that is a good approximation of the quotation – correct me if I’m wrong.

I know we need rules so that everyone isn’t at each other’s throats all the time but lets be realistic; the buck has to stop somewhere. What I say is; good for those rebelling against too much regimentation, be the source the EU commissioners, G8, or the local Residents Association. Down with the oppressors! Hooray for diversity, hooray for real people! Vive la difference, vive le pays real!


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