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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Just another manic Sunday…..

Car park duty today and all hell broke loose. The reasons behind this parlous and chaotic state of affairs? To tell in full that’s rather a long story, however, the précis is that someone in authority blundered and set a computerised override on the on street car park information signs. This means that car parks, which were full, were indicated as ‘Empty’ and vice versa. Oh, and guess what? The person in authority went on holiday for the next fortnight without giving the authorisation codes to a deputy. I bet that since it is a Senior Management figure that has erred, no disciplinary proceedings will be taken. If any of us lowly Enforcement Officers screw up like that it’s P45 time, do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect any outstanding salary, close the door on your way out.

So yea and verily it came to pass, like a storm force wind from the breath of God, a great wailing and gnashing of teeth arose from the multitude, vouchsafing such homilies as;
“Well I fink it’s disgustin’.” (As opposed to what, pray?)
“Why can’t you do summink?” (After having the reasons why the system is haywire patiently explained to them and why I cannot reset it at least twice.)
“Haven’t you got a sign or sumfink?” (Yes, they’re the ones that read ‘full’ when it should show ‘120 spaces left’.)
“Why can’t I park in there?” (Because there are no spaces left, no matter what the electronic sign outside reads.)

And so on, etcetera, ad nauseum. What listening skills?

I thought everyone was going away for the bank holiday break? There goes my nice, quiet relaxed weekend on the switchboard.

Oh what bloody fun.


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