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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Lame excuses

Thought I’d just a take quick dive away from the subject of parking enforcement (So what’s new?) to the world of edukayshun, ejucashion, ejjukashun. The recent story in the press about three under 16 year olds from the same family becoming pregnant was depressing. What really amazed me was the Mother blaming the school for failing to teach PHSE properly to her three daughters. Now, so we are informed, these three have become little more than a drag on the public purse to the tune of a reported £31,000 a year.

Now I have an inside track here, having a source that can confirm that PHSE is taught at primary school level to children aged 10 with the emphasis on relationships rather than just the biological aspects of sex. In addition to this the mother allowed 11 year olds boyfriend to ‘sleep’ with her daughter with her (The Mother’s) full knowledge. With this information in hand, the mother’s assertion that it is the schools fault looks rather shaky. In point of fact it looks more like complete abrogation of parental responsibility.

This annoys me greatly. How does this mother get away with demanding that the ‘State’ take responsibility when she could, or would not?

Readers of this blog will know that I have two teenage stepdaughters, the elder of who at 19 is sexually active, and the younger, still under 16, who is currently not. How do Mrs Sticker and I know this? Because we take responsibility and watch the behaviour of our two bright and often feisty charges, which is what any ‘good’ parent should try to do, despite significant peer and media pressure to the contrary.

Of course we get the rows and catfights because we don’t let them do everything their ‘mates’ want to do, but I’d rather have all that than them becoming generational underage brood mares for any feckless dickhead whose self-gratification is paramount. Of such matter is the underclass constructed, I am sad to say.

Besides, shouldn’t the fathers of be identified and made to support their offspring? Jailing them would do no good, perhaps a garnishee order, attachment of earnings / benefits ensuring their loins outpourings get the chance that was denied their mothers by these early pregnancies. Make the sods responsible for their wandering willies. DNA testing is becoming easier and cheaper by the month, so there should be little chance of incorrect paternal identification. An enforced lesson in being a grown up might thus be learned.

As for the children, would enforced adoption at birth do any good? It was (And in certain circles still is) the practice less than thirty years ago. How many kids got a fresh start and a running chance at life from that? I know it sounds harsh and uncaring, but it is a practical solution, which gives the mother the opportunity to start again while giving the child the opportunity to make a proper independent life for itself. No stigma, no blame, just a clean slate and a future with the promise of a fuller life than they would have had. As for the guilt – that’s down to the parent’s own conscience.

Just let’s have no more of these lame excuses that it’s all someone else’s fault.


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