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Friday, June 03, 2005


I am not worthy! I am not worthy!

Sorry for the outburst, but was checking the webstats last night and found this humble (As in Uriah Heep) little blog, not only mentioned in the Guardian online, but in the same paragraph as the London Paramedic Tom Reynolds. Ever since I started this blog back in January, I have been an avid reader of Tom’s adventures, firstly as an Ambulance driving paramedic and more recently as a Rapid Response Unit down in the smoke.

Bit of a cheek to call this blog ‘a pretender to the throne’ though, surely that title should go to someone else, PC Dave Copperfield (Coppers Blog) or maybe Bystander (The Law West of Ealing Broadway) whose traffic rates I can only wonder at. Whereas Tom can blog on duty, Dave might be able to from his base, but by the very nature of my job I cannot. Too much to do, concentrating on checking rows and rows of cars, looking for duff or stolen (We get quite a few of these) permits and illegally parked vehicles. Besides, I can’t afford a Smartphone or Pocket PC like Tom’s got. Not to mention stopping every five minutes to deal with irate people who swear left is right and of course they are allowed to park on double yellows.

As for a one man manifesto, yerss… well maybe. You see; this blog is what comes out of my head after a long day at work dealing with people who wear blinkers all their lives and never notice. A kind of dump for all those non-PC thoughts you don’t want to voice in case they land you in trouble and get you fired. Saying the things you dearly want to scream out at the top of your lungs but dare not. Some of it stinks, of course, but that is what a dump is for. Maybe others find what some think is rubbish quite useful as in the “Hey, it looks the same way to me too.” Kind of dump, or should this blog be reclassified as a thought recycling unit?

Oh yes, re the new look. I did this after a number of comments that people found it difficult to read. Now you can read it – did you want to in the first place, hmm?


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