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Friday, May 27, 2005


Delusions of adequacy

Just checking through the links to this blog via my webstats. This makes for intriguing reading. Have found links from as far afield as New York and Ontario. Even someone from the Guardian has been riffling through my half-baked assertions (Via the linkmachine.go site). Does this mean my half literate opinions are worth reading? Well maybe, maybe not. Hells bells! Doctor, I think I’m suffering from delusions of adequacy.
DOCTOR: “Hmm, so you think you’re adequate do you?”
PATIENT: “Well, yes, I think so.”
DOCTOR: “Lie down on the couch, tell me about your childhood; we’ll soon have you feeling as miserable as everyone else.”
PATIENT: “Thank you Doctor, I was getting quite worried for a while there.”
DOCTOR: “Nonsense. Just sign here and we’ll arrange a direct debit to cover my fees.”

As days go by, it seems there are more and more people eschewing pen and paper diaries to air their thoughts on line. You can take your pick of what kind of blog you want to read, from the dreary teenage “Nobody loves me” via the literate, occasionally turgid, intelligent, lucid and primary news sources to the quite plainly barking.

On a lateral tack to the same subject; I was having a listen to Radio 4 while driving the van a short while ago, and the subject of the discussion that afternoon was, wait for it, Blogs and bloggers. Understandably, those bloggers with opinions that were not left of centre and pro blairite were dismissed out of hand or damned with faint praise. Well, I’ve got a little theory boys. In the words of an old farming friend of mine, put out of business by the mess the government made of the foot and mouth crisis. “Them ‘s right will be proved right, and them ‘s wrong’ll remain so.” Fortunately he’s done the sensible thing and emigrated.

There is a quiet but inexorable revolution going on in cyberspace, which is powered by real people, not politicians. It is outside the control of any party machine, unlike the mainstream media, and the readership is growing quite rapidly. Would it be a statement too far to say we are looking at the future of democracy?


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