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Saturday, April 09, 2005



As anyone who has not been hiding away from all news sources will know, on the 5th of May 2005, the UK is holding a general election. All things considered, I thought I’d dip my toe in the murky political waters and see if anyone likes my policies.

Policy 1; Constitution.

Reform of the Upper Chamber of Parliament.
The current political appointee-only system in the House of Lords is to be abolished. To replace the current make up of the upper house the Bill Sticker Party proposes:
A non-partisan system of elected independent members to sit for fixed seven-year terms
Minimum age of candidate; 50
Maximum number of terms allowed to serve; 3
Total number of members to serve in the upper house at any one time; 499
Repeal of the Parliament act 1911 and 1945 ensuring that the new upper house acts as a correct and proper constitutional ‘Brake’ on the House of Commons

House of Commons & Lords.

Implementation of a ‘Single transferable vote’ system of proportional representation for both Houses of Parliament

Fixed term Parliaments for the house of Commons of to serve five years only

Policy 2; European Union.

Immediate secession from the EU to become an Associate Member only such as Switzerland with trading agreements only. The UK to retain full control of all domestic policies including;
Social Security

Policy 3; Transport.

In order to improve the lamentable current state of driving and congestion on British Roads, The Bill Sticker Party proposes the following;

Mandatory ten year re tests on all UK drivers (Eyesight & written part of test only). Failure to pass / comply to mean immediate suspension of licence followed by confiscation & destruction of all vehicles owned by licence holder if licence not re tested / passed inside three calendar months. Same penalty to apply for driving without licence.
Reduction in the maximum size of vehicles allowed on UK roads from 44 back down to 32 tonnes
Towing Caravan ownership regardless of size / capacity to be restricted to full members of the Showman’s Guild exclusively. Motor Caravans & vehicles converted for residence (Temporary or permanent) to face the same restriction. Showmans Guild will not be allowed to change terms and conditions of membership.
Motorway driving speed limits to be increased from the current 70mph to 90 mph. Driving at less than 70mph in 1st overtaking (Also known as 2nd or ‘Middle’) lane and / or forcing other road users to ‘undertake’ will result in immediate road safety questionnaire at roadside. Failure to pass test with less than fifteen correct answers out of twenty will mean immediate confiscation of vehicle & mandatory re test. Motorists who fail this test to be conveyed to the nearest means of public transport to make their own way home at their own expense.

More to come next week.


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