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Monday, March 21, 2005


Er..How should I say this?

Just having an idle drift around the links to and from this blog, seeing where they took me. Went to one other blog and read a comment that I feel I should make a public reply to.

I'm a cautious man. In my job you have to be, or end up as a rather large novelty mascot on some morons gas guzzling 4x4. I have disabled my blogfeed just on the premise that it makes it harder to track me down, as firstly I don't want to end up 'Dooced'. Too many bills to pay. Secondly there are crazy gits out there who think they can chuck petrol bombs at peoples front doors just because of the job they do. This has happened to three of my work colleagues in the past few years. For my own physical safety I'm not too fussed. I'm a grown up and can handle myself in a barney if need be. However, I also have a wife and kids whose safety is my primary raison d'etre. That is why I do not publish blogfeeds etc. Not to increase the 'hits' on my site meter or webstats but to protect those I love more than anything else.

Should this offend or inconvenience - sorry guys, this is my blog. I respect your rights to design yours as you will. Likewise, please respect my wish for anonymity as I will respect yours, if that is what you desire.


Bill Sticker


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