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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Now there’s a thought…. Give up your car?

Found this link to a Daily Telegraph opinion piece.

Not practicable in rural areas, but in the city, owning, insuring and parking are all too bloody expensive.

There are of course serious issues with public transport, which is on the whole not something many others and I care to use. The overcrowded, trains, buses and trams where you have to share your personal space with everybody else’s personal problems, social and hygienic. Not only that but I feel sorry for the disabled because there isn’t a decent ‘roll on roll off’ public transport solution for them. There’s no single journey ‘door to door’ service unless you’ve got the money for taxis.

All the current solutions seem to want to cram the poor travelling public in like the proverbial sardines without consideration for their needs as human beings. So until someone in authority can come up with the initiative to introduce another layer of self funding public transport, we’re stuck with the same old dirty, overcrowded same old or cars and motorcycles vying for the same road space.

While we’re on the subject, an old mate of mine came up with what he and I saw as a superb lightweight public transport solution, which he patented, but no one was ever interested. Shame really.


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