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Saturday, March 12, 2005


So you think you’re a good driver?

Went and had a nose through Google news for items related to the UK driving test and came up with the following three nuggets of joy.

  1. ONE third of motorists fear they would fail their driving test if forced to take it again.
  2. Drivers soon forget the rules of the road after gaining their licence.
  3. Men ARE better drivers, says UK's chief examiner.

Now if you ask me, I’d agree with the first two wholeheartedly, but as Mrs Sticker is looking over my shoulder as I type, I think I shall proclaim myself as a fence sitter on the third. I have this little habit called breathing – call me an old silly but I want to keep doing it – it’s addictive.

On another, sadder subject: Requiescat in pace for Dave Allen. One of the few TV comedians who could make my father and me laugh at the same time.


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