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Monday, March 14, 2005


More tax on your Property? What an excellent idea.. Not

Have just returned off duty to a nasty Tabloid inspired shock. Mrs Sticker, normally a pacific soul, was in outraged female mode. She drew my attention to a leaked document which may be all bullshit, as reported in the Daily Express (Where else?) giving the hint that the current UK government (If re-elected) may commit to taxing the proceeds from selling your house to the tune of 40% plus.

The key words here are ‘leaked’ and ‘bullshit’. However, given our current governments track record I am inclined to see the glitter of a story here within all the tabloid muck. Any government insiders out there with closer tabs on the real facts care to comment? People whose opinions will be automatically discounted include; New Labour voters / special advisers / party members / sympathisers / radical Marxists / Communists and anyone from Islington etc.

Given that those of us who have struggled to bring up a family and buy a house will be first to the barricades if any government should give serious credence to such a scheme, I expect nothing less than outright denial. Then again, IR35 was once just such an idea (And vociferously denied.). As was ripping off peoples’ savings and pension plans. No wonder this government are busily beefing up the tools of repression. They want all your money to throw away and aren’t too fussy about how they get it, or how much it screws up your family’s life and future. Or what you think about it.

Now come to think about it – arming the CCTV system sounds an even better idea. Any tax grabbing politician could be gunned down in the street before they do any real damage to the country. We’d have to load with heavy calibre armour piercing to nail Blair, Brown and cohorts in their armoured limousines – but I’d be willing to pay for such a minor extra via my council tax. How about the rest of you?

In the meantime I shall confine myself to locating any person with such tax grabbing sympathies and ensuring they can contribute to the obviously deficient public purse by way of parking fines.


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