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Monday, March 07, 2005


Crisis, what crisis?

After yesterdays events I was fully expecting to be called up to the HR offices this morning to account for my actions on Sunday. Instead I am greeted with a sunny “Morning Bill, you all right?” From Kerry, my line manager, and a towering wall of silence from shift supervisor who is still off ‘sick’. No hauling over the coals or red hot memo’s up the wossname. Just happy smiley faces and cheery greetings. My paranoia goes into overdrive. What is going on? Am I going to be handed my P45 for attempted mutiny? Keelhauled over a sleeping Policeman for insubordination? Flogged with the cat of one tail? (One tail, twenty claws – real cat) So why all the cheery stuff? I’ve got it, they’re trying to confuse me to death.

Pete our Union rep shows up at lunch in the mess and fills me in on the detail. “He dropped the complaint.” Pete says with an evil grin. “You weren’t worried were you?”
“A bit.” I respond warily. “Not trouser fillingly so, but a bit.”
“We all reckon he’s going for another job. That’s why he went off like that.”
“So that’s why everyone’s so bloody cheerful. I thought your lottery syndicate had hit the jackpot and you were all going to bugger off and leave me to patrol on my own.”
“I wish.” Grins Pete and goes off to spread the good word even further.

Life, it’ll have to do until we invent something better.


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