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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Why I despair of my fellow humans - A rant

You may have detected in my posts a certain anger and world weariness over the intelligence exhibited by my fellow humans. In general terms, it is my constant surprise and wonderment at how many of you are able to cross the road without being run over – often by yourselves - if you’ll pardon the paradox.

Let me expand my argument. The excuses put forward to justify such lamentable lack of brain activity are often prefaced with “Oh but I thought…” Sorry, can I just stop you there. No you didn’t. Think that is. You just followed an habitual stimulus / response loop and now you are injured / dead / unhappy / divorced / got a parking ticket / got another parking ticket. Please look around you. Take an interest in your environment, speak to your neighbours regularly and kindly. Show consideration for others. If you have trouble multi tasking, stop trying to walk and chew gum at the same time – it’ll only end in tears. Don’t be such a greedy wuss. You’re only getting in everyone else’s way. Could you do also me a big favour and stop rationalising anti – social behaviour away with the immature “Well they did it.” It’s so undignified. That’s exactly the type of lame rationalisation that is used to justify massacres of innocent civilians by third world dictators.

If more of you simply woke up and watched what the hell you were doing, the world would be a better place, you would be healthier and happier. The politicians and nanny state would be out of a job because there would be less for them to whine and legislate against. Think about it - Traffic Wardens might not be required. What an incentive! Hmm, not such a good thought there, put myself out of a job? Oh what the hell – why not. I’m fed up with this lark.

Go on. Try it, you have nothing to lose but your parking restrictions. Not that you will. No wonder I’m a cynic.


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