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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Bad Law

First, to those of you who read my inane drivel, an apology; excuse the two day no post, but I decided to take a couple of days off. Have spent much of it following the marathon debate over the proposed ‘Prevention of terrorism’ bill with a mixed range of emotions.

Firstly horror; the thought of suspending habeas corpus, a fundamental principal underpinning most of the UK’s law. WTF are these people on?
Secondly amazement; that anyone thinks just passing a law will solve the problem of terrorism. Surely the security services, Police etc. should have a mandate to deal with the terrorists using the current framework of legislation.
Thirdly relief; that such a damn fool piece of panic legislation has been diluted by the 12 monthly review clause and that the Lords didn’t just rubber-stamp it.

Excuse my ignorance but I don’t see the point of all these new laws. Surely it would be simpler to tidy up and Police existing legislation properly, rather like (From my point of view) reviewing the Traffic Regulation Orders, repainting double yellow lines, replacing the damaged / missing restriction signs rather than redoing the whole lot every so often. What the politicians are doing costs more and doesn’t really achieve anything, apart from creating more jobs for politicians, lawyers and accountants and tying valuable Police resources up in paperwork. It also makes it so easy to inadvertently break the law because us ordinary folks have difficulty keeping up or can’t keep up with these constant changes.

This lot in government don’t act sensibly. Every time I see the news they seem to be trying to throw out the old tried and trusted law and put in poorly drafted and quite frankly over reactive legislation that a competent human rights lawyer can, and often has driven a metaphorical convoy of trucks through. Almost like the current government don’t understand how or why things and people work in this country. They only end up hurting the ordinary people while missing the real bad guys by a mile. Which seems to me to be what the real bad guys want.

It’s all so panic driven. The politicians appear to think the general dyslexic are all irresponsible children (A lot are, but not all of us). Almost like they’re so afraid of losing one vote from noisy minorities they end up losing ten voters from the majority. Is it any wonder there’s an air of ‘Why bother?’ about democracy in the UK?

However; for those of you who might cry “But only the guilty have something to fear!” I would counter, “How easy for an authoritarian administration to have the legislative framework to arrest all their outspoken critics.” Let me draw your attention to the following quote from Reuters UK.

“The new law will allow authorities to detain Britons as well as foreigners indefinitely and without charge* if it suspects* them of terrorism. The old law applied only to foreigners.
The new measures will also allow the government to place suspects under house arrest.
Both the old and new laws require the government to suspend the right to a fair trial guaranteed under European law, making it the only country to do so.”

Beats me how ‘Dangerous foreign terrorist suspects’ are ever allowed to become ‘British citizens’. Or maybe there are some dodgy immigration lawyers out there who will have to serve some serious time in Hell.

I’ve got a theory. IMHO the prophecy that ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’ has already happened and that these ‘meek’ bastards are all politicians, accountants and lawyers. Hell, I’m only a traffic warden - WTF do I know? Time to move on I think. I’m open to job offers from the USA and Canada.

(* My Italics.)

This post is preceded by the "So you think you're a good driver" post because of technical problems while publishing. Cheers. Bill.


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