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Saturday, September 09, 2006


You can show someone the signs

When even the coppers aren’t on your side, you know it’s time to quit. I mean come on guys, how publicly embarrassing is it when two parts of law enforcement are set against each other? It’s bad enough taking the “Oh God it’s you again.” Attitude of CCTV when you try to call something in which is in the Criminal domain; but when you’re trying to enforce the laws which people have voted for, for crying out loud it’s a farce. Then to add insult to injury an enforcing officer can get arrested for doing his job (To escape a Parking Ticket, isn’t that an abuse of the power of arrest?) – doesn’t it just go to show what a gulf of necessary cooperation there is between the civil and criminal law? If it’s a joke it’s not a funny one.

There are a lot of minor issues our local Police don’t seem to want to get involved in. Vehicle Excise Licences (Road Tax, Tax disks) for example. Our Management won’t sign up to us doing it and the coppers locally don’t seem to want an easy ticket when we call it in. Taxi Ranks, Dodgy vehicles, public order stuff like kids using certain local roads as racetracks. No wonder all the low lifes seem to think they can do what they want, it’s because they can get away with so much petty stuff so easily.

As for getting help when you need it off CCTV, of late that too has become a very bad joke. Look, I know what I do isn’t the most popular job in the world, but if other people don’t want our cooperation, and snub us when we offer it; what is the bloody point?

No wonder some people are prepared to use desperate measures to get Police attention.

Thanks to Don Morris for bringing the story to my attention. I am now off for a lie down in a darkened room with a large amount of alcohol. The phone is off the hook.


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