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Sunday, September 03, 2006


What is wrong?

I think I’ve got a handle on what is so terribly wrong with England that so many (Including myself) want to leave. Tuesdays events have simply polarized my thinking, and the idea of quitting the shores of my homeland for good becomes ever more attractive.

It’s not that I’m letting a bunch of mouthy shit-for-brains seventeen (?) year olds get me down; it’s more like I’ve had a wake up call. The more I think about it and the more I read, I’m convinced that the root of all the social woes of England (And Britain as a whole) stem from one thing; the ‘top down’ model of thinking and management; be it from a Socialist or a Capitalist perspective.

Let me clarify by example; The United States works, not because it has a huge federalist setup but because of the exact opposite. It works because there are a lot of little guys making a difference, getting involved and doing stuff for their neighbourhoods. Local problems are dealt with at a local level and conditions (Generally speaking by my observation, although there are detractors) reflect the attitudes and energies of the local populace. When they don’t, the result is a ghetto, a closed little enclave missing out on the economic opportunities in the real world. Said communities generate no real wealth and will soon atrophy and die.

By contrast; the European Union as structured has a limited lifespan because it relies on the ‘top down’ model of business management. This means all decisions have to be delegated upwards or heavily curbed by bureaucratic restrictions, as at present. Just as the old Soviet Union died simply because it was outperformed economically by the West. It simply could not keep up, because the increasingly repressive model of coercing its population was failing. The ‘Top down’ management model always seems to ignore the axiom that a free man will always work harder (And more productively) than a wage slave. Local level empowerment seems to be the greatest motivator of all and constant interference from management the greatest demotivator.

Thus command driven economies will always eventually shrivel and die because of the productiveness of their populace / workforce being given to non producers, and also because their populations / workforce do not feel empowered enough to try that little bit harder. The same can happen in large corporate entities because they let their markets slip away from them either by carelessness or a lack of responsiveness to market conditions. Especially when ‘compliance’ takes over from a companies core function, which is to make a profit, in whatever form. Without this motivation you might as well stay at home and do some gardening. Complying with ‘inclusiveness’ directives from on high butters no bread and only fosters resentment amongst those who are, however inadvertently, by the practices of ‘compliance’ and multiculturism, disenfranchised.

I shouldn’t really be working for local government, my attitude to life is all wrong.


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