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Thursday, September 07, 2006


The bad news and the not so…

Bad news. This blog is not going into mainstream print. Monday books, the publishers of such tomes as Frank Chalks “It’s your time you’re wasting.” And the daddy of all Police Bloggers Dave Copperfields “Wasting Police time.” Have declined the opportunity to put “Walking the Streets” into print under their label.

To be honest, I’ve always had a nagging doubt in my mind whether any publisher out there would be interested in the acculturated ravings of a disaffected Parking Enforcement Officer. Maybe I should just do the job via Cafepress on a one off basis and let the sales take care of themselves? Anyone fancy an uncensored version of the blog with all the incriminating little facts left in? All the sub-clues that could shoot poor old uncle Bill dead in his job if the wrong person put two and two together and took offence? (Not that I think that my Managers would ever read it; from what I can make out, they are not exactly big readers of much outside of work, blogs notwithstanding.)

Thinking about it a bit more clearly, I think it might be a blessing in disguise that Monday Books said no. The less I have to do with UK publishing houses the better, if I need to hang onto my job for a while. My reasoning being thus; someone, somewhere in the publishing chain gave the real name of Abby Lee, authoress of the excellent “Girl with a one track mind” to a Sunday Times ‘journalist’ (Yes I know what her real name is, but there are principles of confidentiality involved here, even if her real name is already in the public domain.)

Upon sober reflection, perhaps Bill Sticker is best kept as an Internet only author for the time being.

Any old road up, I want to know what’s happened to Lennie Briscoe’s ‘Special Coppers blog’ and another Police blog, ‘Monkey with a gun’. Cerberus' blog seems to be missing too. They're dropping like flies out there I tell you.


Anonymous Vort1gern said...

Have you tried the Friday Project - Paul Carr the editor there has a very forward approach to blog literature, and they're also the bunch who did Blood Sweat & Tea.

Monday, September 11, 2006 10:00:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or there's

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 6:55:00 pm  

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