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Friday, September 01, 2006


Blairy Poppins is at it again

You can always tell, from one of us front line grunts to upper management, when someone has lost it big time, and that’s when they come up with stuff like this;

It’s all nonsense of course; all King Tony’s social workers and all his spin, couldn’t put babies back in the womb again. What is the guy on?

What these interventionist proposals mean for the rest of us is more taxation on our already overstretched resources. Now I’ve got a counter proposal based on the following; In a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau recently I saw a poster. This poster was almost a metre high with a list (In Arial 16 point text) of all the ‘benefits’ (Almost eighty by my counting) available to the out of work, disabled, and all the temporarily disadvantaged. Last time I tried to claim for anything I got bugger all and had to scrape by as best I could. Notwithstanding that last snippet; why don’t we just cut the ‘benefits’ available to the growing underclass? By all means keep the basics for those who cannot (As opposed to will not) help themselves, but trim the fat off the social security budget which currently funds those whose plight is no ones fault but their own.

Besides, after nine years in power, he's a bit late in addressing the issue.


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