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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Repeat offenders v2

You’d think some people would learn wouldn’t you? You get one ticket for parking over the limit / on an active restriction – happens to the best of us (Even a couple of our guys). Unfortunately there are some people who will not learn / don’t care / haven’t a clue and keep on getting parking tickets. Take yesterdays classic; Dark green 4x4 on double yellows half blocking the narrow footway at nine a.m. in the morning. Driver not present. Five minutes later he’s got a brand new parking ticket slid fetchingly under his windscreen wiper. He’s still there twenty minutes later when I pass by again. As far as I’m concerned the job’s a good ‘un, no excuses.

Back at base for tea break the subject of repeat offenders drifts into the conversation; Wavey Davey cites a couple.
“Well there’s that Arty type who insists on blocking the footway on the corner of Garrard Lane and Over Street. Haven’t seen much of him recently. Then there’s that Dark green 4x4 with the smashed rear bumper. Both of them have got nearly twenty tickets apiece.”
“Dark green Honda 4x4? 2001 registration?” I ask.
“Yeah, nineteen unpaid tickets at the last count.” He tells me the registration.
“Make that twenty, booked him at nine this morning.” It’s him.
“Bloody hell, you’d think he’d have learned.”
“Apparently not.” We both shrug at the futility of it all.

Twenty unpaid tickets will be chasing this driver through the Northampton County court system and thence to the bailiffs. No wonder they process the bloody things in batches.


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