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Friday, September 01, 2006


Conflict management

Bill Stickers conflict resolution rule 1: If you don’t want to manage conflicts – don’t have one – a conflict that is.

Todays example; A pay and display car park. I find a car without a pay and display ticket, so I do my usual check of the inside etc and log in the details. Driver arrives just as I’m about to reach the point of no return (Ticket print).
Driver; “You’re not going to book me are you?”
Me; “You didn’t buy a pay and display ticket.” And you weren’t going to, were you. Cheeky sod.
Driver; “Bugger.” No thank you.
Me; “But if you go and buy one now, I’ll overlook it this time.” And this time only, matey.
Driver; “But I haven’t got any change.” Really? Then let us pray for divine intervention for you then.
Me; “But I’ll issue the ticket if you like.” Dear God, let him see sense.
Driver; “How much is it?”
Me; “Tariff’s on the board sir.” I’m feeling a little messianic and…
Driver (Putting hand in trouser pocket); “Hang on, I’ve got some coins.” Praise God! A miracle! A miracle!
Me; “Thank you sir.”
Driver; (Realising I may not give him a ticket) “You’re a gentleman.” Nice of you to notice.

Driver bought ticket for two hours and then left. Sometimes all you need is a little faith.


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