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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Unattributable quotation

My sister in law (Herself a high level Manager) came out with this quotation the other day, and I’m damned if I can find an online source;
“You assume that people in positions of authority got there because they know what they are doing……… Wrong.”

This view would seem to account for a lot of stuff that goes awry. Especially in my line of country, and even more especially in todays political climate.

Anyone able to pin it down?

Update: Thanks anonymous, yes, the quote does seem to come from the school of thought derived from the 1968 publication ‘The Peter Principle’ by Dr Lawrence J Peter.

Regarding Tuesdays events, I picked up a link from the comments on the Coppers blog and watched Mr Gary Delagnes in interview. Take some time out to watch this video, then this one. The key word I’m looking for here is ‘Depoliticisation’ – Day to day running of the Police (As with any enforcement) should be outside political interference or it all goes to hell and the enforcement is pointless.


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