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Friday, August 25, 2006


Getting the wrong guys

Well it happens; you book a car for a contravention and move on. One of your oppo’s turns up and finds the irate driver nearby. Driver does the 100 metres conclusion jump and goes after the wrong guy. This is quite common as we all wear the same uniform, so we’re all complete bastards who need hammering, right? Wrong.

Now I’m going to post this as it happened over a year ago. August Bank Holiday working the municipal car parks surrounding the municipal park. Not too hot and sweaty a day. Just nice to work in shirtsleeves. Late afternoon I caught a Red Ford with an out of time Pay and Display ticket. Over an hour out of time. Logged in the details, checked the issuing machine; everything seemed kosher so after the prescribed period I booked and moved on, thinking no more of it.

Two hours later, two of my oppo’s were on evening shift closing up the aforesaid municipal park car parks. As the evening shift always has a fair bit of ground to cover, they were driving around in one of our vans. Unbeknownst to them, the owner of the vehicle that I had booked had returned, noted said parking ticket and basically gone ballistic. He had showed ticket to his co-pilot, and the two of them had decided that their best course of action, rather than getting involved with the complicated business of challenging the ticket, was to duff up the nearest Parking Officer. This was not good news for two of my workmates.

The following morning I was greeted with a cheery “Tommy and Chas got a kicking last night.” From Benny our then supervisor.
“Bloody hell. Can we put in for danger money then?” I responded.
“They’re okay, just a couple of bruises.” He grinned. What’s he up to?
“Glad to hear they’re okay.”
“It was over one of your tickets.”
“You’re kidding.”
“Down by the municipal boating lake.”
“Yeah, I caught a couple down there yesterday afternoon.”
“I think they were looking for you Bill.” There’s always been an element of schadenfreude in Benny’s psyche that I’ve never much cared for.
“Two blokes went after our van and tried to kick shit out of it because you’d nicked them.”
“That’s ruined their ticket appeal then. Glad it wasn’t me.”
“I’ll bet you are.” Benny wanders off, still treating it all as an enormous joke.

Well, it goes with the territory and I’d have done the same anyway.

Postscript is that the whole thing was caught on CCTV and a successful prosecution brought. Makes a change.


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