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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Getting all commercial

Recently I wrote that all was not well financially at Chez Sticker, which has led indirectly to some domestic discord. A few days later an E-mail was received, ostensibly from the marketing department of an insurance company, offering money for a text link to their web site. In addition, certain kind souls indicated that by setting up a PayPal ‘Donate’ button on the blog they might help ease my fiscal embarrassment and help keep the blog going. I am truly flattered. Thank you to all concerned.

After due consideration, here is my take on the matter; I am willing to set up a ‘Sponsored links’ column in this blogs sidebar. When I work out the best way to approach this, companies who do not wish to use traditional advertising will have the opportunity to rent a ‘text only’ link from this blog for a given period of time. Links will be arranged in order of precedence; i.e. the highest bidder gets the top spot. I’m also tempted to have a look at a differing blog template so that any commercial links would be on the right hand sidebar above the Google text ads, whilst the more ‘traditional’ links to other blogs might be on a new, left column sidebar.

Payment for such links is proposed to be via a PayPal account.

Any company / organisation interested in renting such a text link from this blog is invited to e-mail me at billsticker at (@) gmail dot (.) com. Times, dates and length of rental subject to specific agreement.


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