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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Not setting the world on fire

I’m not a well bunny at the moment. Too much burning the candle at both ends putting a first draft manuscript of the blog together and keeping up with the day job, living, in the words of my dear lady wife ‘on your nerves Bill, you daft bugger’. Ergo I am suffering acute gastric discomfort and am taking my latest four day break down in the West Country with my out laws. The purpose of this visit is to let me climb down off the mountain of anxiety I’ve recently climbed.

Notwithstanding I’ve lost a lot of sleep recently and am not as a result exactly scintillating company so posts will be a bit thin on the ground over the next week or two until my fairy Godmother waves her magic wand and I am all better again. It’s amazing the way your anxieties can tie your body up in knots without really trying. Last night I didn’t get to sleep until around 3am.

Glad I wasn’t one of the poor sods stuck at Heathrow on Thursday. Score one for MI5 on the security front though. A time to rapidly count blessings I think and hope the nutters stay unlucky.


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