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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Sight of the day

Our towns resident transvestite / transsexual has been spotted wandering around looking for new blood recently. Tell you the truth every time I see him I don’t know whether to find a quiet corner to collapse in hysterics in or stop the poor chump and tell him that if he really does want to be a woman then he’s going to have to work a bit harder because there are several things working against him.
  • He walks like a bloke, wrong type of hips
  • He’s built like a powerlifter
  • He’s definitely got no dress sense (Strappy turquoise top and floral print bottoms – oh my)
  • Curly Blonde wigs don’t suit him
  • His paint on tan was going streaky in the heat
This looks like a case for ‘What not to wear’.

I know one should not mock the afflicted, but there needs to be a hell of a lot more work done before his putative ambition is achieved. I hope it isn’t taxpayers money.


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