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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


More stupid threats

A colleague of mine got threatened the other day, a very nasty threat too. He’d just booked a car in the High Street and was filling out his pocket note book when the ticket he’d just issued was thrust aggressively under his nose.
“This yours?” Demanded Mr Irate Motorist.
Colleague took a good look at the ticket before looking coolly straight back at the driver whose screwed up features were reddened with anger (Or sunburn, so he said). “I issued it, yes.”
“Don’t get sick you c**t.” Snarled the driver. “I work at ******** hospital, and if you ever need treatment there you’re fucking dead!”

You will note that the person making the threat did not enlighten my colleague as to what their job actually is at the hospital in question. Probably the junior cleaning supervisor or something like that. Maybe one of the catering contractors, in which case that threat might be more real. Couldn’t be a Doctor, nurse or paramedic could it? A member of the medical staff would never be so dumb as to make a silly half assed threat like that would they?

This incident of course has been reported along with the Drivers VRM and a request for a formal complaint made to;
a) The Police (Like they’ll have time to deal with it)
b) Our Management (Like they’ll pass it on to the hospital in question)

Now this is a pretty serious allegation, and I was wondering if any of you guys out in Emergency Service land would care to comment. Just to say a witness actually has recorded an accompanying statement confirming the above. What might be the consequence for the person making the threat? For my own part, some time ago I too was on the receiving end of similar remarks; in that particular instance it was a cleaner pretending that they would have some power over life threatening clinical decisions. I have since had to go to the hospital in question for treatment and nothing untoward happened.

Seems like some people should just grow up.


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