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Friday, July 28, 2006


Poorly system problems

There is a cliché “The bottom fell out of his world.” I would like to make a slight modification to that because recently it has felt like the world was falling out of my bottom. Must be the heat and humidity finally getting to me because for the past couple of days I have restricted my movements (Ha bloody ha) to within ten paces of a toilet. In addition a thunderstorm crashed my houses power supply two nights ago while I was crouching on the commode, racked with bowel cramps. An almost simultaneous flash bang later and the house went dark.

Every last mains fuse in the house got blown and needed replacing. Have you ever tried fixing old fashioned wire fuses with wife anxiously standing over shoulder, kids whinging about “Why won’t my playstation work?” dog fussing back and forth because he’s been frightened, and my guts threatening to do a dump every two to three minutes. In the end I just grabbed the torch, fuses and fusewire before decamping into the bathroom and locking the door behind me; returning to the squatting position I had quit before the near miss. Fuses got fixed; I drank a lot of fluids and lost a lot if you catch my drift. By the time midnight drifted around I was feeling too woozy with the loss of electrolytes to look at anything more complicated than sticking the colour coded blocks back into the correct holes. Power restored I flaked out on the bedroom floor. Pity I’ve been on two days leave, but there you go.

It’s taken me until tonight to get everything computer related up and running again. A UPS would be nice protection, but my budget doesn’t run to one.

Back in uniform in the morning. Life, don’t talk to me about life.


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